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ComicBook Showdown Hey Cool Cats and Dangerous Kitties! Welcome to ComicBook Showdown. We love comics and we love talking about comics, and we want to be your one stop for comic news and community. We have a podcast each week that reviews a gob of comics that came out that week. We review 'em and rate 'em so you can be informed as a collector or reader. Our podcast also has listener and e-mail reviews and comments as well as industry pro and creator interviews, contests, and more!

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Red Beryl Comics Distribution

Red Beryl Comics Distribution is a low-overhead and low-risk online comic book distributor for indy and small press publishers and creators. Red Beryl Comics Distribution offers a unique no risk distribution service for indy and small press publishers and creators. The Red Beryl business model promotes low overhead, low risk for the indy and small press publishers and creators with finished projects. Through Red Beryl Comics Distribution's web-store you will not have any minimums to qualify. Even if it's your 1st project and even if you don't have a vast catalog of projects, Red Beryl can still help you get your projects in front of the eyes of thousands of potential buyers and stores. Red Beryl's distribution web-store will be open 24 hours a day, so yhour projects will be visible and available to purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Red Beryl Distributors have been in the comic business over 10 years, and the good folks there have built a successful, well established online comic book site with 87 thousand registered members. Red Beryl gets 40-45 thousand unique US visitors to the site every month, and has very well established traffic. Red Beryl's goal is to change the comic book distribution channel; you will no longer have only one choice and one distributor. Red Beryl Comics Distribution will change not only the way your books are viewed, but the market that views them. With Red Beryl's service, you will be able to reach a larger market, thru their already established channel and new way of promotion that the other distributor won't provide. Red Beryl Comics Distribution will be the best choice for your distribution needs and the best option available to help you in your ongoing work and staying profitable. Please contact Red Beryl Comics Distribution for more information and details on our distribution services.

Red Beryl Comics Distribution offers another choice in the comic book industry for distribution. Now you have a choice not a monopoly.

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